Orchestrated community season 2 kickoff

Redefining what Brand Orchestrate means.

Nov 28, 2022
Credits go to Bastiaan Knol (https://beacons.ai/bastiaanknol) for making the video artwork.

Keep up with the Joneses

Redefining what Brand Orchestrate means.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well —

Brand Orchestrate has been quiet for the last two months, hence the whole community has been in energy-saving mode and that was not by mistake.

The radio silence was intentional. We were processing feedback, implementing change, and creating new ways of bringing meaningful value to you.

How are we launching the ship?

A Zoom kickoff!

For the western population of the world, If you live in the United States you can sign up from here:


For the Eastern side of the world, If you live in Europe (UK, Netherlands, or else!) you can sign up from here:


If you join one of these kickoff sessions, you’ll have a special and free invite for our first inclusive & insider community “Leader Calls” which covers the topic “How to sell yourself as an introvert”

👇 Important note

To the free & returning community members if you want to get access to all our premium features please upgrade your membership and then visit brandorchestrate.circle.so

But let’s talk about Black Friday / Cyber Monday first

I passed by this post (https://instagram.com/p/ClE6ncAh92g) written by Christian from the 1924us team on Black Friday’s brand morality. And we believe in the same thing.

We are not doing a Black Friday sale.

Firstly let me say, that by not participating we are not shaming those people and small businesses who do.

As a small business every year our costs are the same regardless of the month or holiday.

We believe in the quality of our services year-round, and try our best to offer the very best and most honest fair price that allows our business to be profitable, as well as allows our team to be taken care of.

We do this 365 days a year.

How much does it cost to operate a community business?

Customer feedback management (just this took us almost 2 months), tech & tools (equipment), time, planning, creating learning experiences (workshops, docs, templates, etc.), communication, iterations, marketing, management, securing clients, the team, overhead.

The question of price is really only factored into something once you factor in all of the above, and sometimes more.

The work isn't indicative of counting all these little things together, but it's great to show the "common viewer” a slice of what is required when starting these smaller creative businesses

What some will see as overpriced, others will see as underpriced. We aim our services for people who believe in fair-priced and well-produced services.

This said, we obviously do try and accommodate marketing tactics throughout the year, but on our terms, within our ability to quality check all that we do.

That's why this year we do not honor Friday as a special day where all our products and services are magically cheaper.

Our philosophy year-round is that you can only choose two options:

“Cheap x Good x Fast”

  • Cheap & fast = bad

  • Good & fast = expensive

  • Good & cheap = slow

While we respect why this holiday is around and how it can seemingly help many, as a small business it's very difficult to try and build a reputation preceded by a date that ultimately undervalues your brand once a year every year.

It's repetitively bad marketing for a small business because it begins to alert customers to the concept that eventually, a sale date is coming for your services, so everyone should just wait to purchase until the day they are more affordable.

This is a hard aspect of business when you are trying to build a legacy built on quality.

So while we won't be doing any sales this Friday or the next, we hope there can be continued education and understanding as to why.

I know there are many small businesses who feel they need to do this, but from experience, I know the stress it brings to compete in a heavily saturated sales market on the same day as thousands of others. It's more time-consuming, it's less ethical for many businesses as they run at deeper losses, and ultimately negatively market their brand as sellable one day a year - consistently.

No shame to any businesses doing it and all the power to ya! But for us, we cannot as we give our all in fairness and quality year-round regardless of the special day.

Thanks all! And cannot wait to deliver you the incredible things we're so proud to make!

If you’re a facilitator who relies on digital tools for your workshops, here is a page with some great deals out there (thanks to Rachel Davis & Jan Keck)

Black Friday Deals

Now that the price shoppers are out of the way,

It's time to uncover what’s behind the curtains — are you ready?

Season 2 Kickoff


Brand Orchestrate got a new:

Landing page

Brand Orchestrate Community Home

Service page for collaborations

Work with Brand Orchestrate (for brands, speakers, coaches, workshoppers, and facies)

Moral order

BOC Internal Moral Compass

Platform 🎉 Circle


Calendar & event-types 📅

The calendar was based on education & resources, a community of practice (workshops), motivation/Inspiration, empowerment ⇒ accountability & coaching (individualized learnings), connection/Introduction/networking, leadership empowerment, tech & accessibility.

BOCTribes 🍎

An experimentation we’re running to activate group leadership and team practice by making the bigger community into smaller sub-tribes for people to experience inclusivity, niche subjects, and open schedules.

  • BOCT Creative (design, creativity, content creation, social media, case study/portfolio reviews, video)

  • BOCT Strategy (Mental workouts: lateral & critical thinking, ideas, problem identification, insights, positioning, creative briefs, presentations, research, interviews, writing, workshops, branding, facilitation)

  • BOCT Business Development (sales, marketing, pricing, workflows, processes, lead gen, negotiation)

  • BOCT Personal Development (mindset, purpose, empathy, growth, trauma, design-thinking, psychology)

We will also create tribes based on physical locations

Knowledge Center 🧵

We’ve got new digital goodies for y’all!

FYI. some of these will be sold as digital products for the public, and some others will be used to host workshops.

Book club re-imagined experience 📕

Self-paced challenges 💫

Monthly themes 🔭

BONewsletter 📰

Misfits Journal, a license to ask questions —

Designed by Imene Ben Youssef (https://www.behance.net/imeneby)

What's coming next?

  • BOPodcast on Spotify ⇒ Misfits Origin

Special thanks to these amazing humans who made Brand Orchestrate a living reality —

Nancy Lucas — Business & mindset coach, “growth from the inside-out” facilitator.

Eric Moore — Design thinker, Mentor, and “making sense of research” facie.

Melanie Court — Tech Tart, “insight-intensive” facie, superstar member, LEADER.

Orson Lord — Bold Oz, “pricing workshop” facie, numbers-nerd

Chelsea Tuttle — The Obi-Wan Kenobi of strategy

Matt King — A yin yang of internal and external expression

Imed Djabi — Story-brand addict, foodie, a brother from another mother 🇩🇿

Selma Makuii — Kind-hearted, book nerd, brand designer, women-first leader

Telyse Adams A writer with soul, purpose, and heart

Anks Patel — Peoplepreneur and intentional thinker

Jason Chan (Yen Feng) — Book nerd, and brand strategy cohort facilitator

Isabelle Poirier — The devil is in the details, The Prada of Branding

Damian Clarke — The GOAT — Aka a low-key Warren Buffet, BOC future investor 😛*

Fateme Asa, Eman Elhennawy & Imene Ben Youssef — Our lovely community designers

Jeremy Holden — Kind spirit — Web developer

Marc Stress — Wiseman Jedi advisor

More Members = More Engagement

We have a generous referral program. Invite a friend, get them to be a member, and get cashback from their signup ⇒ BOC affiliates

We got merch 👕

Championing creative misfits since 2016 ~ https://theartful.co/shop

ALOHA - Cyber Monday!

Enjoy season 2 of the Brand Orchestrate community.

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